Visionary education at your fingertips


Visionary education at your fingertips

An online learning environment like no other

SOCO_ED is a locally developed EdTech solution fit for any industry. We don’t just provide you with a platform - we give you the content and marketing tools you need to make it thrive.

SOCO_ED is a custom-built platform that is a fully adaptive EdTech solution. It can be scaled to work for any team or organisation, no matter its size. It is also flexible enough to work for any industry, whether you are a school, college or corporate business.

The platform does not only allow for remote learning but also comes with a host of features like user profiles, hosting of learning materials, online quizzes, reviews, live class sessions (built-in Zoom API), posting and sharing of articles, and much more.


The Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust required an online training solution. Our first online training system was born.


With its success, proof of concept and logic, we expanded and started the planning and development of our very own LMS software.


With the advent of COVID-19, Stellenbosch University Centre for Pedagogy (SUNCEP) contacted us to develop a LMS and to create content to replace their traditional face-to-face holiday school programme for Gr. 11 & Gr. 12 learners.


We launched an updated version of our LMS and developed supplementary content for 11 grade 12 subjects that was used by over 3000 students across all 9 provinces.


An all new and improved LMS platform that makes use of AWS cloud servers has been deployed in January 2022. Supplementary content will be released for 11 subjects for grades 10, 11 & 12 from February. We have broadened our market opportunity by expanding our agreement with SU and partnering with Central University of Technology.

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