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SOCOED's highly skilled team enables us to create a product that excels in every imaginable aspect.

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Francois Van Louw
Managing Director
Lourens Vorster
Creative Director
Keenan Bouwer
Head of Operations
Emile Opperman
Chief Commercial Officer
Ben Henning
Head of Development
Tarryn Van Louw
Content Creator
Julia De Rock
Account/Project Manager
Nicholas Curtis
Senior Systems Administrator
Francky Kalombo
CMS Aggregator
Chris Lelicanin
Sean Aucamp
Front-end Developer
Anine Mans
Graphic Designer
Carina Steyn
Video Editor
Mia Troost
Video Editor
Valentino Pietersen
Video Editor
Nicky de Kock
Video Editor
Jurgens Dreyer
Video Editor
Carl Fisher
Video Editor
Ashley Davidson
Video Editor
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