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This Privacy Notice applies to personal information that Just Brands Africa (PTY) Ltd, Reg. 2013/228381/07, may process in regard to any or all of the services contemplated by this policy directly, or through its subsidiary SOCOTECH (PTY) Ltd, Reg. 2020/724125/07, or contracted third party affiliates which will be collected through this website: ('website').

The Just Brands Africa (PTY) is committed to deal responsibly with your personal information. Just Brands Africa (PTY) provide you  with this privacy notice in order for you to make an informed decision about whether you want to use our website or not and/ or provide your personal information. The use of the website is of your own volition and the provision of any personal information. 

Please note that by using our website you implicitly consent to this privacy notice and should you provide any personal information then you will be asked to make your consent explicit. 

If you do not consent to this privacy notice you must stop using our website.


1. Definition of Personal Information

According to the Protection of Personal Information Act No. 4 of 2013 (hereinafter referred to as 'POPIA'), Personal information means information relating to an identifiable, living, natural person, and where it is applicable, an identifiable, existing juristic person, including, but not limited  to –

  1. Information relating to the race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, nationality, ethnic-or social-origin, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental health, well-being, religion,  conscience, belief, culture, language and birth of the person;
  2. Information relating to the education or the medical, financial, criminal or employment history of the person;
  3. Any identifying number, symbol, e-mail address, physical address, telephone number,  location information, online identifier or other particular assignment to the person;
  4. The biometric information of the person;
  5. The personal opinions, views or preferences of the person;
  6. Correspondence sent by the person that is implicitly or explicitly of a private or confidential nature or further correspondence that would reveal the contents of the original correspondence;
  7. The views or opinions of another individual about the person; and
  8. The name of the person if it appears with other personal information relating to the person or if the disclosure of the name itself would reveal information about the person.

2. How Just Brands Africa (PTY) collects, shares and stores information

To the extent permissible under POPIA and any other applicable law, Just Brands Africa (PTY) collects, shares and stores information about you and any other party whose detail you provide to us when you:

  1. use our online services; this may include your name (including business name), 
  2. address, email address and telephone number;
  3. register to use our applications;
  4. provide us with testimonials; and
  5. interact with us using social media.

The list above is non-exhaustive and may form the basis for any incidental processing  deriving thereof.


3. How Just Brands Africa (PTY) uses your information

Just Brands Africa (PTY) will only use personal information that you provide through this website for  the purposes for which you provided it. To the extent permissible by law and POPIA, Just Brands Africa (PTY) uses your information to:

  1. provide any information or services that you have requested;
  2. manage and administer your use of the services you have asked us to provide;
  3. manage our relationship with you (for example, customer services and support activities);
  4. detect and prevent illegal or prohibited activities or to otherwise protect our legal rights (including liaison with law enforcement agencies for these purposes);
  5. contact you to see if you would like to take part in our customer research;
  6. deliver electronic communications to you which may be useful to you, based on your use of our services; and
  7. assist Just Brands Africa (PTY) improve the functionality and content of the website.

4. Securing your information

Just Brands Africa (PTY) has reasonable security measures in place to protect your personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, being altered or being destroyed and Just Brands Africa (PTY) regularly check  our systems for vulnerabilities.


5. Social media platforms and external links

Our website makes use of links to other platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the like, and you should be aware that those platforms are governed by their own privacy procedures that Just Brands Africa (PTY) has no control over.


6. Child users

A child user is under the age of 18 years who is not legally competent, without the assistance of a competent person, to take any action or decision in respect of any matter concerning him- or herself.

A competent person is any person who is legally competent to consent to any action or decision being taken in respect of any matter concerning a child. The child's parent or legal guardian would qualify as a competent person.

In order for the child to complete the registration process, which will be an agreement in this instance,  required on this website, he or she will need to get the consent of a competent person. Consent by a competent person will usually be given before or at the time of agreement, but it may also be given afterwards by the parent's or guardian's subsequent ratification of the agreement. The agreement is then validated retroactively.

The child user's consent can be withdrawn after the child user reaches the age of 18 years and above. The withdrawn consent has to be in writing and directed to Just Brands Africa (PTY) Ltd, Reg. 2013/228381/07, at to action within reasonable time. The withdrawn consent can be wholly or in part in which case it needs to be specific to the particular action connected to the consent being withdrawn.

The child user loses the right to set aside the agreement where the child or any person acting on his or her behalf, by act or omission, led the Company to believe that he or she had an unfettered legal capacity to agreement, or attempted to obscure or suppress the fact that the capacity was absent.


7. Changes to the Privacy Notice

Just Brands Africa (PTY) may amend this privacy notice at any time. The amended privacy notice will be posted on this website and the current notice will replace all previous versions of this notice. It is your responsibility to make yourself familiar with the content of this notice when you visit our website.

8. How to contact us

To contact us, send an email to 

Our information officer is Francois van Louw. Contactable on Our information deputy is Keenan Bouwer, contactable on

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